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31.08.2018 12:59

Produktwarnung - Benutzungsverbot

Die Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN) warnt dringend vor der Benutzung von Fettbrand - Löschern des Typs Mono F60

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21.07.2018 13:04

Angleichung der EU-Vorschriften über Drohnen

Am 26. Juni 2018 verabschiedete das EU-Parlament eine Vereinbarung ...

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20.07.2018 12:59

Aufruf zur Sicherheitsüberprüfung!

EDELRID ruft die Besitzer von HMS Bulletproof Triple und HMS Bulletproof Triple FG dazu auf ...

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Safety at work for volunteer employees


This homepage has been developed especially for honourary volunteer employees in relief organisations in the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, the articles and documents available are written into German and refer to the juridical relations in the Federal Republic of Germany.



Every accident means human grief -
for the affected persons and their families.


Deployments, exercises, the everyday service in the organisation - in relief organisations we concern us with other people - this is our job.

But do we also remember of our own safety and our own health at our work?

However, mostly not, because already nothing will happen to us!

But exactly this is a fallacy. In the honourary fields of activity of the relief organisations the number of accidents are higher than in comparable commercial activities.

The self-image of many volunteer employees is based on a clear victim-helper classification. This arrangement strengthens the self-confidence and helps the volunteer employees to keep the nerves in difficult situations.

At an accident of its own at the official activity this principle is shaken most intensely - with partly dramatic results for the affected person and his family.


Every person has the right
on physical and mental intactness.


In the official weekday the putting into action of this fundamental right obliges both the organisation and the employees to do all "possible", so that a safety and healthy work is guaranteed.

Safety and health of honourary employees in the communities of the relief organisations are indispensable conditions for a successfully working association.